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Important Announcement:

On January 10, 2001 GlobalAxxes Holdings and Telaxxess teamed up with Broadwing and Teleglobe to deploy one of the most advanced fiber optic networks ever.  The GlobalAxxess network will feature photonic routers, nanosecond speeds and scalability to 1.63 petabits per second.  In conjunction with, fast, reliable Tier 1 Internet connectivity is coming to parts of the world now, not later.  For more information, see Portfolio Companies at e*

Additionally, e*Capbank has been retained to complete a $270 million pre-IPO funding of, a global Tier 1 ISP and ICP system.

Hello Entrepreneurs,

For a limited time only, take advantage of a FREE OFFER to get the DOT COM SURVIVAL GUIDE 2000.  An insightful and in depth report on creating Internet based companies that can survive, or reorganizing existing ones to survive. Just CLICK the icon below and download a Windows or Mac version of this report, then please come back to this page and learn more about us.

"Excellence is by its nature a rare commodity. In e-commerce, excellence is a virtual state of being which requires an unparalleled commitment in time and resources to create.  Which requires very advanced thought processes that are intuitive, anticipatory and responsive at Internet-demand speeds.  Which requires an unparalleled personal commitment to maintain.  If you want to succeed in e-commerce, set as your primary objectives two things:  Excellence and Customer Service.  Accomplish this and you will have few peers."  

Karl W. Schwarz, General Partner, Managing Director

    If the foregoing statement describes the type of e-commerce firm you are trying to build and you need financial and technical backing to start up or ramp up your firm, we are in the business  to service your needs.

    Welcome to e*CommerzBank and its group of Internet investment, Internet technology firms and e-commerce operations.   

    Please take the time to review our site.  If you think you have an e-commerce or technology idea we would be interested in, we encourage you to start the process by telling us about yourself, your business plan, and what type of help you need.

See Entrepreneur Applications.

    If you are concerned about protecting your intellectual property rights, see Our Nondisclosure Policy.


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