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    The following is an example of how we innovate within our group of e-commerce operations and service groups.

Resource: is a front line state-of-the-art e-commerce operation that launches May 1, 2000.  Global, sports, recreation, leisure, travel related, English + 35 languages, and co-located servers within UUNET high speed Internet hubs.  

Problem 1:         Many areas of world have vast tourism, eco-tourism, sport, hunting and fishing potential and a lack of quality service providers or an absence of service providers to support tourism.

Problem 2:        Many service providers offer poor services or are aligned with our competitors.


Purpose: funds and equips carefully selected guides, outfitters, service providers with the best equipment available, finances that equipment on time purchases at favorable interest rates, and uses the global marketing platforms of to market those new service providers as Strategic Partners of our e-commerce system.

End Result:    Customers of have access to quality service providers that are not generally available to non-customers.  Each of these new entities is a service provider to customers, connected to our global Internet systems, connected via World Phone wireless/satellite links, and even insured by our insurance partner.

This is the type of synergism and cross-marketing thought we look for in business plans.

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