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Entrepreneur Applications

    Before we review any business plan, Executive Summary, or other documents that are proprietary to your business model or technology designs, we require entrepreneurs and funding prospects to address the following questions and send the responses to our e-mail link shown below:

    Please prepare your responses / proposal as a Word 2000, Excel 2000, Adobe Acrobat 4.0 PDF document or compatible documents and attach to your e-mail.

    Since we fund on a first come, first serve basis, you should complete the interactive Application Form that follows this page and send it immediately in advance of your written responses to the following questions.

    1.)    What specific goods, services or market sector does your business or proposed business model address?  Please be specific and, if international, specify the countries you intend to offer your products or services in, estimated market or customer base for each country.  If multinational, describe how you propose to deal with cultural, currency and language barriers.

    2.)    Fully describe your existing or planned supply chain, those firms that would provide you with goods and/or services,  and how you propose to address the distribution chain for those products/services, customer service, warranty, guarantee, product returns, and overall customer satisfaction.  If you have a manufacturer / supply chain that will direct ship for you, describe.  If not, describe how you propose to handle distribution, delivery and returns of the products you sell.

    3.)    Fully describe your source or sources of operating revenues, the reliance, if any, your business model has on web site advertising, co-branding with other firms, percentage sales from site visitors, etc.

    4.)    Fully describe which existing e-commerce sites that you would want to link your site to for shared information, co-branding, site referral revenues, etc.  If unknown at this time, so state.

    5.)    Describe in generic form any new technology, marketing strategies, business techniques your business plan brings to the e-commerce arena and how you think such advances are needed in e-commerce.  

    6.)    Fully describe what type of business relationship you are looking for with a venture capital firm, exit strategies, if any, how your firm is set up at this time (proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc.),  the percentage of the firm you are willing to transfer to investors prior to IPO or other exit strategy by our group, etc.

    7.)    We are firm believers in letting you manage your firm.  However, if we have technology and capital at stake we intend that this will be conditioned on several things.  First, that your performance and results are effective.  Second, that we have direct input on how capital is spent, resources allocated, and technology deployed for maximum effectiveness.  Fully describe your position on having our management, investment and technology team manage our investment into your firm as  your partner.

    8.)    Fully describe your position on modifying your role in the management of a new e-commerce firm if you are not producing the results we set with you as the objectives.  As a strict policy we do not take companies away from our partners, force them to resign, nor do we solicit ideas and then strike off on our own.  However, we know that some people dream and do not execute.  Worst case scenario:  Are you open to having our experts guide your company through any difficulties you cannot handle?

    9.)    We will insist on having a share of the decision making process to protect our investment and the investors who fund with us.  Fully explain your position on how you are prepared to work with any investment group on shared decision making, use of funds, board positions, etc.

    10.)    Fully describe the amount of capital you are seeking, Use of Funds in detailed form, any phasing of operations, expenditures, etc., scope of operations, system layouts or needs, etc.  If phasing in of certain investments, activities and new hires can be done without effecting performance, please think this through and tell us what a phased approach would look like versus an immediate staff up, ramp up.
    11.)    Fully describe why you believe your proposed e-commerce firm has "relevance" and how you would "reward" your customers for doing business with you as repeat customers.  If your new business has now or would need new technology, describe how that is needed in e-commerce and what problems would be solved or alleviated by implementing such technology.

    12.)    Fully describe where you intend to locate your e-commerce operations, the type of management team you have or intend to recruit, and define any objections you have to locating your operations where our team has the resources and facilities to host your operations during the early phases.

    13.)    If you have a web site or URL, please provide so we can review your site, product offerings, etc.

    14.)    Fully describe if you are agreeable to locating your e-commerce company where we have major hubs, service nodes if such becomes necessary to get your business plan into operations.  Our goals are always to maximize effectiveness while controlling costs.  Whether such temporary locations become permanent are up to you in later phases of the evolution of your company.

    15.)    Fully describe the amount of capital contribution you have personally made to your venture, capital amounts invested by others, the proposed phases and dates that certain funding would have to occur.

    16.)    Fully describe your management and operating team, their educational levels, experience, etc., and if not hired at this time, the type of management team you wish to assemble.  Note:  We have corporate headhunting firms that work in the background with us in management recruitment.

    17.)    Fully describe the role you see for yourself in this new venture, both now and in the future.  

    18.)    Fully describe why you want to undertake building an e-commerce operation from your personal perspective and any goals that involve family members, friends, other business affiliations you have.

    19.)    Fully describe your employment background, experience you have in the chosen area of e-commerce, or related disciplines.

    20.)    Provide your full name, mailing address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address so we can contact you to discuss your proposal.


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