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Our Objectives
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Once you better understand our group, we believe that you will see that we are quite different from other venture capital firms. That is by design.
We just put the Team Internet approach to IT
and e-commerce on a whole new playing field.

e*CapBank is a pooled venture capital firm
that specializes in e-commerce firms and related technologies that pull the entire process together.

e*CommerzBank is a technology bank that analyzes, designs, and implements small and large scale e-commerce operations very quickly.

What we do can be summed up in few words,

and 7 key thoughts:

1.    We know the Internet, what works, what fails, why certain things work or fail, and we know sound Internet business principles.  We are an experienced investor and partner and a resource to make things happen.

2.    We merge business principles and investment capital with those technologies and business models that will work in the e-commerce arena now and probably in the future.  We prefer to invest long term.  Short term for us means from start up to IPO and beyond.

3.    We maintain cutting edge research and the best consultants in the business to find what we are looking for and what firms and technologies will have the greatest effect and long term staying power on the Internet.  

4.    We do not have an IPO driven mentality.  We sometimes see greater growth and profitability in holding, building, and then either selling to major corporations, or undertaking an IPO under a planned fundamentals approach, or keeping your firm privately held.  The last thing we intend to do is launch a bunch of new Internet companies that cannot produce a profit, rush to IPO, and have as our legacy a history of producing firms that lack business fundamentals and profitability.   In that regards, we are unique in the IT venture capital market.

5.    We seek out firms to invest in that fit into our overall strategy.  Our goals are simply that each firm we invest in will be strong and, collectively, all firms in our family of e-commerce operations even stronger still.  We maximize returns for our firm, our investors, and you.

6.    The Internet is not just about American companies or technologies. In fact, Internet growth in the U.S. is slowing and Internet growth overseas is accelerating.   We are part of a global hi-tech expansion that will radically change the Internet.   We seek firms from all over the world that collectively fit into our global objectives and create the type of synergy and cross-marketing opportunities that will drive Internet success over the next 5 to 10 years.

7.    When we launch an e-commerce operation it is done as a collective effort of capital, technology, and Internet know-how second to none.

    Changes are coming and Phase II of the Internet will be different.  What worked before may not survive in the emerging Internet environment.

    We are one of the groups that is leading those changes.  We excel in new technology for the Internet of tomorrow.

    We are a full service firm that helps innovative business models and technology firms.  We incubate the projects we fund.  We support new e-commerce startups with capital infusion and technology.

    In many instances, we can lower startup costs by colocation of servers, hosting, and licensing your operations to use our software applications and those of our technology partners.

    We also support management teams, assist in the assembly of excellent management and personnel teams, and try to shorten every lead time since in the Internet world, time is of essence.

    We are there when you need us, and not in the way when you are executing the business plan.

    One of our companies is a global UUNET ISP reseller, business-to-business and business-to-consumer, in addition to its core business.  Behind that operation is an e-commerce software system second to none, and available to your e-commerce firm only through us.

    We don't sell this strategic software asset.  We leverage it into business opportunities for our team and you.   

    When it is time to ramp up to larger scale operations, we either fund that as your partner or work with you and investment banking firms in taking your company public.

    We have state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions for supply/vendor chain management, distribution chain management, CRM e-mail marketing in-house and out sourced, Viral Value Marketing, multi-currency, multi-language, and content partners that your customers will appreciate.

    We  have a CRM/Supply/Distribution/Customer Service solution guaranteed to be of value to your customers and ours.  A patent pending process that is ahead of the competition.  

    We are rational and very patient investors.  We know what works in e-commerce and what has little chance of working.

    Just as important, if it can be corrected we know how to fix what does not work.

    When we run into technical challenges, we have the very best consultants, technology team, and minds in Internet business matters to  help us develop workable solutions.

    As our alliance partner, our resources are available to you.

    For Entrepreneurs reading this, unlike some of our peers we do not use our web site to solicit your business ideas for creative new e-commerce firms, and then forget to bring you along.  We only work under nondisclosure, non-circumvent agreements, and with management teams that demonstrate to us that they are experts in their business and committed.  See Our Nondisclosure Policy.  

    We want to work with you if you meet our criteria.  We believe in teamwork and building excellence from the ground up.

    We have assembled an Internet technology team that is second to none.   See Our Technology Team.  

    Please take the time to read our site information and learn more about our philosophies, strategies, and objectives.

    We are in this to produce profits the sane way.  By investing rationally into what is going to be a major economic force for the foreseeable future.  That being, global e-commerce and the technologies that make it work.

    e* is the capital formation and funding part of this team.

    e*CommerzBank is the technology bank that can bring to the table everything you need to build a world-class e-commerce operation.

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