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    The e* management team strongly believes that certain Internet Technologies will emerge as the standards for e-commerce.  In fact, there are moves in progress right now that will drastically change the Internet over the next 3 years.  Some of the firms behind such innovations are part of our team today.

    We also believe that many of the firms who will dominate the Internet of tomorrow have not even been launched yet.  They are a better idea yet to happen.

    Some of the Internet name brands you are familiar with today will probably be extinct within 5 years.  

    In their places will be firms more adaptable, better designed and operated, and have inherent within their business models the ability to be a driving force in e-commerce.  

    e* is two things for new e-commerce operations.  First, we have the team, the hardware and software and the capital to help you go from concept to global e-commerce.

    Second, e* is a facilitator for lower startup costs, faster incubation, and the ability to ramp up when needed.  We even have the resources to help you go public at the right time and at the best price for capital formation.
    If  you are an entrepreneur with what you believe to be a good business plan for e-commerce, we invite you to submit your ideas for consideration.   See Entrepreneur Applications.

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