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e*CapBank Strategic Investment Fund

    We are not a venture capital firm that incubates or accelerates e-commerce firms for the sole purpose of taking them public.  What we do look for and work diligently towards is long term investor or shareholder value regardless of whether the firm remains privately held or goes public.  That is in your best interest and our best interest.
    We do not seek out only business-to-consumer ("B2C") business models, many of which are founded on the premise of building large memberships by offering free services and generating revenues on web banner advertising, auctions, site referral agreements, etc.
    We do not seek out only business-to-business ("B2B") models, especially where such models are not well thought out and plan to enter into very competitive markets that are already saturated or dominated by key players that cannot be easily moved aside.
    What we do seek out are hybrid B2B and B2C business models, models that blend synergism, revenue opportunities, cross-marketing, co-branding, and business models that open new ground for e-commerce expansion, sales and profits.   We know one simple fact about e-commerce:  Your firm will be as strong or as weak as your strategic alliances.
    If your business model is strictly business-to-business, we will look at it.  If we see opportunities to expand on your concept, we will only invest if you agree to expand on the possibilities on our Revenue Enhancement Model ("REM") approach.
    If your business model is strictly business-to-consumer, we apply the same principles.
    If your business plan is based on free membership to drive high numbers and site traffic, we will only invest in those firms that mesh well with our overall business, co-branding and co-marketing strategies, and will operate under our REM approach.  What we look for are membership bases that co-market and co-brand with our other companies memberships and customers.
    We believe that to achieve long term success, e-commerce companies must have three things that far too many publicly traded Internet firms lack.  The first two being relevance and reward.  Many hyped Internet firms simply have no valid reason to exist, and no reward system to build a loyal customer base by attracting and retaining customers that will produce revenues and profits.  Many e-commerce firms seem to forget that "same store sales" actually means something in a successful business formula and do apply to e-commerce.  Lastly, e-commerce firms have to have a business model that is based on and operated upon sound business fundamentals.
    We seek out firms that are new or in operation, producing desired results, and have management teams that mesh well with our management team.   These typically will be firms that fit well within our global strategy, and not necessarily firms that do not compete with other firms already in our portfolio of companies.   We believe that competition breeds EXCELLENCE.

    We seek out firms that are the leading edge technology that will be key players in the Internet in the future.  Especially where such technologies mesh well with our other portfolio companies and have key applications with our strategic alliances, partners and technology partners.

    The following link will take you directly to the venture capital formation site.  The e*CapBank Strategic Investment Fund is where we submit your proposal for funding after our technology team has evaluated every strength and weakness of your proposal, and have designed a plan of implementation that will have an excellent chance of working.

    That plan includes funding, marketing, technology, and every strategic advantage that can be arranged to improve your chances of success as a Portfolio Member.

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